Tim Knepp

Tim's love for nature began in his childhood during trips to his family's cottage in Quebec. When he was ten he was awarded with a five year scholarship to Carnegie Institute's Tam-O-Shanter Art Studies program in Pittsburgh. Since 1983 he has been a fulltime freelance wildlife artist creating works in illustration, fine art, and murals. Tim works with observations, photos, videos, and collected specimen to convey the realism of his interpretation with the manipulation of color and shadow.

Framed Deep Sea Diver more info + cart

Framed Deep Sea Diver

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Mount Rushmore (BK) Sale more info + cart

Mount Rushmore (BK)

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Sea Lion (BK) more info + cart

Sea Lion (BK)

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Oceanic Wildlife (TY)

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Golfing Gator (RE)

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Party Hounds (TY)

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Desert Animals (NH)

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Deep Sea Diver (GW) more info + cart

Deep Sea Diver (GW)

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Armadillo (IN)

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