Terry Isaac

Internationally acclaimed artist, Terry Isaac's paintings of North American Birds and Mammals capture the unique characteristics of the wildlife in their natural habitat. Terry's interest in art began with animation and drawing cartoons. He now uses subjects ranging as large as whales to the tiniest hummingbirds. His works are now hung in permanent collections at Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and Bennington Center for the Arts among others. Terry has also had artwork featured fourteen times in the "Birds in Art" exhibition.

Framed Windswept more info + cart

Framed Windswept

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Southern Comfort (BK) more info + cart

Southern Comfort (BK)

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Celebrate Songbirds Assortment more info + cart

Celebrate Songbirds Assortment

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Dash of Color (RE) more info + cart

Dash of Color (RE)

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Posey Pedestal (GW) more info + cart

Posey Pedestal (GW)

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Brand New Day (SY) more info + cart

Brand New Day (SY)

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A Crown Among the Thorns (SY) more info + cart

A Crown Among the Thorns (SY)

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Lovers at the Inn (AW) more info + cart

Lovers at the Inn (AW)

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Plum Blossom Chickadee (SY) more info + cart

Plum Blossom Chickadee (SY)

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