Shane Dimmick

Shane Dimmick's deep regard for nature and animals led to a biology degree and wildlife art. Shane works with acrylic, oil, and ink while captivating the viewer with the faces of nature. Her art has been included in many wildlife exhibitions such as "Arts for the Parks Top 100" with the National Park Academy of the Arts, "Birds in Art" at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, and commissions for The Nature Company and National Wildlife Federation. Shane is devoted to the preservation of nature and the welfare of wildlife.

Framed The Fisherman more info + cart

Framed The Fisherman

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Framed Just Passin' Through more info + cart

Framed Just Passin' Through

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Framed Heads Up more info + cart

Framed Heads Up

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Bad Hair Day (BK) Sale more info + cart

Bad Hair Day (BK)

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Snowy Watch (BK)

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Silent Watch (BK) more info + cart

Silent Watch (BK)

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Wild Neighbor (BK) more info + cart

Wild Neighbor (BK)

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Napping Fox (BK) more info + cart

Napping Fox (BK)

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Beaver Brunch (BK) Sale more info + cart

Beaver Brunch (BK)

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