Sandy Clough

As one of our coastal artists, Sandy Clough uses a combination of fresh and traditional images to create unique paintings. She is a fourth generation artist and grew up in a home where materials were always available for creating. This helped her talent develop along with encouragement from her artist father. Sandy attended Mississippi College where she received a Master's Degree in Art Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Art. She started selling her paintings while at college and has been named Art Alumnus of the Year by Mississippi College twice.

By The Sea (BK) Sale more info + cart

By The Sea (BK)

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Barefoot Beach (FR)

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Beach Souvenirs (AW)

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Seaside (GW)

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Apple Basket (TY)

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Herbs (TY)

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Shell Coast (SYIN)

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Planting Time (IN)

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Barefoot Beach Sale more info + cart

Barefoot Beach

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