Russell Cobane

Russell Cobane started in his youth as a landscape painter. In 1984 he started concentrating on painting wildlife when his love of plants and nature called to him. Russell has received many awards and accolades including Featured Artist at the Michigan Wildlife Habitat Foundation Show in 1990 and 1998. He has won People's Choice Award for five consecutive years at the same show. Russ has also designed greeting cards for the National Wildlife Federation. To him painting is a small part of the joy of being an artist, he says, "the real reward comes when collectors fall in love with a painting or print and choose it for their very own. This really gives me a sense of joy and completion."

Backyard Birds (BK) more info + cart

Backyard Birds (BK)

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Berry Blue (BK) more info + cart

Berry Blue (BK)

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Cedar Waxwing (BK) Sale more info + cart

Cedar Waxwing (BK)

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Giraffe Trio (BK) Sale more info + cart

Giraffe Trio (BK)

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Afternoon at the Pond (BK) more info + cart

Afternoon at the Pond (BK)

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Indigo Bunting (SY) more info + cart

Indigo Bunting (SY)

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Springtime Chickadees (AW) more info + cart

Springtime Chickadees (AW)

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Emma's Garden (TY) more info + cart

Emma's Garden (TY)

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Garden Path (AW) more info + cart

Garden Path (AW)

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