Martha Edwards

Award-winning artist Martha K. Edwards began creating art at an early age in her Connecticut home. Encouraged by her mother, a lover of wildlife, she used paints and crayons to create likenesses of the birds and squirrels that flocked to their feeder. She studied at Butera School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts and has enjoyed a long and varied career as an artist. Many of her watercolor paintings hang in private collections and her work is featured on countless greeting cards and home goods. Her commitment to bringing awareness to the plight of homeless animals and her interest in the preservation of the environment has inspired her to create numerous works for animal rescue and conservation organizations.

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Sunflower Field (BK)

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Sunflower Field (GW)

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Ruby-throat Hummingbird (SY)

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Joyful Spirit (FR)

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Springtime Blue (GWIN)

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Sun Worshipper

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Springtime Blue

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Winter Nativity

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Cookie Plate

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