Lucie Bilodeau

At age seven Lucie Bilodeau sparked an interest in art and by age fourteen she was attending the Mission: Renaissance School in Montreal, Canada to learn fine art skills. By age twenty-three she was awarded eight national and two international awards. From 2000-2001 her art was included in the "Women of Art" exhibit at the Key West Art and Historical Museum. Lucie's art is also shown at the Owl 57 Galleries in New York, one of the Wyland Galleries in California and in the Germanton Art Gallery in North Carolina.

Framed Enjoying The View more info + cart

Framed Enjoying The View

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Charlie Chaplin (BK)

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Young Cheetah (BK)

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In a Safe Place (BK)

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Colorful Butterflies (GW)

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Ocean Breeze (SY)

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Beauties from the Sea (GW)

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Side by Side (AW)

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Enjoying the View (FR)

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