Everyday Inspirations Assortment

Everyday Inspirations Assortment
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Paintings of nature by numerous artists that are all-time Pumpernickel Press favorites. Boxed inspirational assortment includes 16 deluxe cards - 1 each of the designs shown.

All Artwork ©Lucie Bilodeau, ©Carl Brenders, ©Sandy Clough, ©Russell Cobane, ©Martha Edwards, ©Greg Giordano, ©Terry Isaac, ©Joni Johnson-Godsy, ©Mark Mueller, ©John Obolewicz, ©Ron Parker, ©Victoria Wilson-Schultz and ©Juan Vela
Artwork by:
Various Artists
What’s included?:
Box of 16 cards and envelopes. Size 8-1/4 x 5-3/8.
Inside greeting:
Each is warmly greeted with an inspirational or birthday message.

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