Ching Walters

Growing up Ching Walters spent summers in Gulfport where she fell in love with the Gulf coast. She honed her drawing skills on scenes depicting her natural surroundings. Inspired by Arthur Rackham, Ching has created numerous large watercolors and acrylics on canvas as well as thousands of postage stamps for various countries, children's books, and ceramic products. About the subjects that she chooses to depict Ching says, "I try to portray natural subjects, both flora and fauna, in a fresh and uncluttered way. It's important for me to distill and simplify organic images with the aim of revealing to the viewer what I recognize as the essence and spirit of the subject matter."

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Framed Turtle Time

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Framed Seahorse

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Turtle Time (BK)

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Brown Pelican (BK)

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Ibis (BK)

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Avocets (BK)

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Coastal Life Assortment

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Seahorse (FR)

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Red-Eyed Frog (LF)

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