Boxed Notes

Pumpernickel's petite boxed notes come in a nutmeg presentation box of 9 cards and 9 white envelopes.  Ideal for a quick note to family and friends.

Carolina Wren more info + cart

Carolina Wren

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Bright Chickadees more info + cart

Bright Chickadees

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Mallard Ducklings Sale more info + cart

Mallard Ducklings

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Springtime Blue Sale more info + cart

Springtime Blue

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Lady In Red more info + cart

Lady In Red

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Scotty Sale more info + cart


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Cactus Flower Sale more info + cart

Cactus Flower

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Bear Cub more info + cart

Bear Cub

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Doxie Delight Sale more info + cart

Doxie Delight

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