Alan Giana

Alan Giana is one of today's most popular scenic artists. His paintings are inspired by the beauty of nature and love of nature and the sea. After studying graphic design and business management Alan and his wife Pamela started their own illustration and design company in the early 1990's. Since then Alan has won many awards including the Premier Print Award by the Printing Industries of America. His paintings have also been featured in many galleries across the country including the Delaware Art Museum.

Lobster Buoys (BK) Sale more info + cart

Lobster Buoys (BK)

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Welcome to Paradise (TY) more info + cart

Welcome to Paradise (TY)

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Hang Loose (FR) Sale more info + cart

Hang Loose (FR)

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I Love You (LF) more info + cart

I Love You (LF)

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Garden Friends (FR) more info + cart

Garden Friends (FR)

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Summer Escape (AW) more info + cart

Summer Escape (AW)

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Garden of Love (AW) more info + cart

Garden of Love (AW)

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Tropical Love (AW) more info + cart

Tropical Love (AW)

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Warmest Thanks (TY) more info + cart

Warmest Thanks (TY)

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